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19 октября 2015 г.


  • Natural examples illustrate the grammar points.
  • Simple explanations guaranteed with the Longman Defining Vocabulary of just 2000 words.
  • A topic-based approach presents grammar in context.
  • A focus on both written and spoken grammar.
  • Information on the pronunciation of grammar items.
  • Presentations of common errors and how to avoid making them.
  • A variety of exercise types — from drills to contextualised and personalised practice.
  • Each level is benchmarked against the Common European Framework and provides grammar.


  • A full diagnostic tests ensure students know which grammar points need attention.
  • Progress and exit tests demonstrate student progress.
  • More practice for every unit of the book, with instant grading and feedback to help you learn why a particular answer was wrong.
  • Immediate feedback and automatic grading enriches the learning process.
  • Pronunciation practice of grammar items.
  • Complete downloadable audio programme to support pronunciation and the practice of spoken grammar.
  • The option to listen and check the answers for practice exercises from the book.
  • Additional grammar practice for exams.
  • A grammar tutor explains key grammar points through short 1–2 minute video presentations.


  • Download exercises to your mobile phone for practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Create exercises from a bank of practice questions to target specific areas of study.